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Powerful Paedophile Ring Linked to Parliament Exposed - How the Globalists Bribe and Blackmail Your Government

A wide ranging interview revealing the use of child sex slaves and kidnapping rings. Politicians are given prostitutes, bribes, and often kidnapped children to use. This is then used to threaten and blackmail those politicians into cooperating with globalist would-be feudal lords. Thus most of your politicians are now controlled through a system of rewards and punishment. The losers in this game are you and your children.

This ties together many issues regarding white slavery, global government, government corruption, and neo-feudalism.

Ample documentation below.

The CIA and Satanism>The CIA and Satanism


Order Of Death - Dark Occultic Secrets of Our Leaders - Alex Jones (2012) - Infowars

Soldiers of Satan and Children of Satan - Satanic Influence in the US Government

The UN's Hidden Occult Agenda

Satanism and the CIA International Trafficking in Children

The CIA "Finders" File

On the real meaning and purpose of terrorism;

Terror Storm - Full Movie - Special Edition Re-Mastered with Extra Features - in HD

Info about the use of AGENDA 21 to hijack your local and 'regional' government;

The UN Plan for Depopulation and Relocation in the US

More on who these people really are;

Sex Slavery in Israel

Secret NWO History and Today - Oligarchs, Obama, and the Black Nobility - Historian Webster Tarpley

The Secret Controls of US Government, and 'Systematic Evil' - Revealed by InsiderJoel Skousen

Dumbing Down of the World (HD) - Propagandizing for Global Elitist Takeover - Charlotte Iserbyt

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Run time 88 minutes 1 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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